Performance Buzz

“If the actress Scarlett Johansson had a taller, prettier sister who could sing, dance, mime, fall down and bounce up, walk on her hands, contort her face and body, juggle, spin 20 hula hoops at once, and tap dance with a garbage can over her head … well … she’d be NATASHA KALUZA!” — Mitchell Field, Sausalito Radio

“A bad-ass clown whose a glutton for hula hoops.” — Mission Local, SF

“[Natasha Kaluza] brings the needed pazzazz.” — Spectacle Magazine

“You moved me to weird tears!” — C. Smith, Audience member

“Among the individual performances are … an energetic dance with multiple hula hoops by Kaluza, who’s easily the most expressively comical member of the ensemble, and whose hilarious mimed kissing sketch, in which she ventures into the rapt audience, is an absolute gem.” — San Francisco Examiner

Photo spread and video from the SF Chronicle:

“Thanks for doing what you do. You had a huge impact and put smiles on the kids’ faces.” — E. Muller, Father of the birthday girl

“Hip-hooper was off the hook!” — Antoine Hunter, dancer

“Natasha raises BIG energy.” — James Pelican, producer